Pastoral Care and Anointing of the Sick

Following the example of our Lord, the Church has always had a special concern for its sick or dying members, and cares for them in many ways.

Our parishioners regularly visit Emerson Hospital and other facilities to talk or pray with patients or residents. Our extraordinary ministers of holy communion bring holy communion to parishioners who are hospitalized, in skilled nursing facilities, or confined to their homes due to sickness or infirmity.

The pastor will be happy to celebrate the anointing of the sick (or sacrament of the sick) with parishioners who are seriously ill or notably weakened due to advanced age.  Please take the foregoing at face value, and resist any temptation to think of the anointing of the sick exclusively as “last rites” that are reserved for people who are expected to die very soon. This sacrament is primarily meant to strengthen the faith, hope, and charity of a member of the faithful who is seriously ill. It is most fruitful when that person is still alert enough to participate in the prayers being offered for him or her. In such cases we also tend to have more options for the time, place, setting and other circumstances for this sacrament.

Please contact the office to let us know if a family member or friend is ill or infirm and needs any kind of pastoral care. If in doubt whether you or another person ought to be anointed, please ask without delay. As a rule, sooner is better than later.

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