Created for Love:

Created for Love (previously Growing Up Sexually) is our program for teaching early adolescents about Catholic Morality. St. Elizabeth's has a long tradition of presenting an honest and straightforward look at the church's teaching about this important topic. Created for Love focuses on issues of virtuuous decision making in all areas of life, and includes an introduction to the Chuirch's teaching on sexuality.

Although honoring our bodies is a recurrent theme in our faith formation program, we believe that the middle school years are the appropriate time to initiate a structured discussion around this challenging topic. Kids will learn what the church teaches and why, pray, have discussions, ask and answer questions, and view videos which relate to the topic.

As part of our intergenerational faith formation philosophy, we are also committed to educating parents about how to best communicate their faith and values about this important subject to their children. Clearly in the area of sexuality, it is absolutely appropriate that parents be the primary catechists of their kids.

We have a video available in the Parish Library titled; "Know Yourself." This is a good tool to watch with your kids to stimulate discussion around sexual values.

In this spirit, we also ask parents to write a letter to your child to be given at the end of the session in a prayer service regarding what hopes are for their future relationships.

You can register for the program online.

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