Growing in Faith Together at St. Elizabeth's

Welcome to Growing in Faith together!

Growing in faith Together deliberately brings together major aspects of Christian life. It builds on baptism as the foundation of our lives. It gives priority to the faith formation of adults, and helps parents to take a primary role in their children's formation—as Christian parents are called to do. It connects faith formation with the realities of daily experience and the Eucharistic celebration. It honors the primary place of the community in our shared meals, our Sunday Eucharist, and how we learn and grow. It respects the gradual, daily quality of our lives. Each new day is a gift that brings the responsibility to use it well. We learn as we walk, one step at a time, together. Over time we can all make good progress. This is what Our Lord asks of us all.

By reuniting these essential aspects of Catholic faith and worship into a coherent, organic whole, Generations of Faith offers an extraordinary vision of Christian life and enables people to live it more fully and fruitfully than would otherwise be possible. Simply put, the program aims to energize the Christian life of our community and its members. God's grace gives the power. The Eucharist is its source and summit. The journey of faith is the daily task. Community is the setting. Being fully formed by the Gospel is the goal. Let us embrace it all, and help each other along the way!

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