Growing in Faith Together


Growing in Faith Together
Welcome to Growing in Faith Together (GIFT)


Responding to the Gospel and Pope Francis' call for a new evangelization, St. Elizabeth of Hungary and St. Isidore parishes use a liturgy-centered, lifelong, and intergenerational approach to Catholic faith formation. We invite all to come and grow in their faith together, connecting learning about our faith and our worship to how we live our lives.

Growing in Faith Together, or GIFT, consists of a variety of intergenerational experiences, including shared events in both parishes, collaborative breakout events, and shared liturgical experiences.

Our goal, as always, is to help everyone become a better disciple by integrating faith, worship, and life in light of the Gospel. We invite you to participate! All are welcome, especially our adults—whether you have children in the program or not! In addition to parents, this includes young adults, single adults, grandparents, empty nesters, and retirees.

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