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Pope Francis is strong advocate for Catholics to read the Bible for study and personal spiritual enrichment. Our collaborative adult faith formation program offers Bible studies to foster deeper understanding of sacred scripture. People participate in a Bible study for many different reasons. Some of the ways attendees have told us they find these studies helpful:

  • Learning what the Bible is, where it came from, and what it means in the Catholic context
  • Encourages personal reading of the Bible for prayer and study
  • Better understanding of scriptures when hearing them proclaimed at Mass
  • Feeling a closer relationship to God
  • Greater confidence when speaking to other people about the source of their faith

The upcoming collaborative Bible study is: Women in the New Testament

  • We are offering this study as a continuation of learning about the varied roles women have played in salvation history, following upon our recent study of Women in the Old Testament
  • The course developers describe this study as follows:

This study of New Testament women engages with women across a variety of connections to Jesus and the apostles and studies them accordingly. Participants will encounter the strengths and needs of these women, but also how being a woman in the holy land during the time of Jesus and the apostles shaped many of the challenges they faced in responding to Jesus. Participants will enter into discussion and prayer about expectant faith, what it means to be touched by Jesus, and the meaning of discipleship through the lives of the women who lived in the first generation of Christianity.

  • While each individual book of Scripture is significant in itself and worthy of focus, the thematic approach of this study allows us to explore an expanded view of a specific topic.
  • Little Rock Scripture characterizes this study as “in depth”. Therefore, it may be more fruitful for people who have had some previous experience with Bible study. However, all are welcome and if you are new to Bible study you will find helpful companions on the journey.

This study covers the following topics over 8 weekly gatherings:

Introductory Session
Lesson 1—Women of Expectant Faith
Lesson 2—Women Changed by Jesus
Lesson 3—More Women Changed by Jesus
Lesson 4—Women of Prominence
Lesson 5—Women and Discipleship, Part I
Lesson 6—Women and Discipleship, Part II
Lesson 7—Women and Discipleship, Part III

The study begins Tuesday evening February 26th at 7:30 pm and will meet for eight weeks. The cost of the study guide and commentary will be $20. Please enroll via email with Steve Ryan. The enrollment deadline is February 15th to allow sufficient time to order materials and organize small discussion groups.

To learn more about Bible study, enroll in a program or ask questions, please contact Steve Ryan at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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